Posted On: June 11, 2021

June Blog 2021

To Build or Not To Build....a Deck?!

Well of course you should build a deck...just not right now! Wait, a contractor's blog telling you don't build a deck this year 2021? Yup, that's right your eyes are working fine. The cost of lumber right now is astronomical! Lumber yards facing labor shortages combined with  lack of truck drivers to transport from logging to production to distribution centers equals short supply. This is coupled with a huge increase in lumber demand which in turn is resulting in a huge price increase!


What caused this? CoVid. It's impact on the economy has been far and wide. Quarantine from CoVid caused a huge uptick in home remodeling projects. Especially popular were the outdoor plans for decks, sheds, she sheds, and play structures. This uptick was helped along by Stimulus checks. Thus demand exceeded supply capabilities resulting in a price explosion for very limited supplies of lumber.



Experts agree by the end of 2023 lumber prices should relatively fall as demand lowers and surplus increases and transportation is once again flowing without hinderance. So maybe hold off a bit on that outdoor wooden project!



Posted On: April 05, 2021

April 2021 Blog


Let's talk molding. Did you know there are different types? Pediment, Crown, Wainscoting, Chair Rail, Picture Rail, and Mantel. Some are obvious like Crown which gets placed at the juncture between the wall and ceiling. Another is wainscoting, much more common in older homes and it's a panel that covers the bottom 1/2 or 1/3 of a wall. Also common the chair rail which was used to protect the walls from chairs scraping against them, but nowadays are typically decorative. And Finally the most common molding is the mantle. Obviously it goes above and around a fireplace and includes a shelf for displaying artifacts. So what is Pediment and Picture Rail, two of the less common moldings? Well Pediment is decorative and usually found above doorways and windows. It's usually round or triangular and can be plain or ornate. Picture Rail is like a chair rail except its place higher on the wall and is used to hang pictures and paintings without nails! Whodda thunk? Well now you know about the different moldings out there! Take a look below to see examples of each!


                                      CROWN MOLDING

                   PEDIMENT DOOR


                     CHAIR RAIL

                                 PICTURE RAIL




Posted On: March 05, 2021


March Madness is synonymous with Basketball or is it? In the year 2021 does March Madness hold a different meaning. Is it akin to face masks, quarantines, lockdown, social distancing, working from home, CoVid 19? Many of us will answer yes. It has been a year since the Pandemic hit the US. The “new norm” has lasted longer than many of us have expected and it’s taking its toll on our mental health. If you have been following all the guidelines, you have not traveled, visited with family, shopped in person, or socialized. So a year later March Madness may just mean we are all going a little crazy.

In the past year research has shown we have taken time to improve our home’s condition. Why?  Because home is where the heart is? No, simply because home is where we are. Whether by mandates from state and local governments, by order of employers or out of simple caution, I believe it’s safe to say most American’s have never spent so much time in their homes. As a result of this, various home improvements are being made.

I want to talk to you about a specific home improvement today. Drop shades.

Yes you can buy shutters, window blinds, new windows with blinds built into them. But come on it’s the day and age of technology. Instead of these old outdated shade products for your home, don’t you want to try something more up to date and inline with the year 2021? If the answer is yes then drop shades are perfect for your home. Why? Because they are automated, can be programmed, and can save you money as well as be aesthetically pleasing. But my favorite reason….can you see out your window shade, or blind, or shutters? With our Somfy Powered drop shades, no one can see inside your home,  the sun is blocked, but NOT your view! Yes you will still enjoy your beautiful view even when your shades are lowered...oh it’s raining….well just use the remote and put them back up while you continue to work at your laptop or binge watch that show without getting up! Save on your cooling bill with drop shades and save wear and tear on your furniture from the sun. But have at the touch of a button the convenient ability to lower or put away your drop shade. If this sounds like a home improvement that you would enjoy, contact Loebrich Contracting today. We have all your shade needs covered!


FEB 2021 BLOG Kick the tires first?

Posted On: February 07, 2021


So, a question for you? When you buy a big ticket item like a car do you ask the salesperson how much for a car or do you realize you will start at at base price for a particular model and then change the price according to your personal preferences? We receive a lot of calls saying how much for an retractable awning, to which we reply, "Sorry, we cannot give you a price over the phone." Sometimes this irritates the consumer until we explain it to them in terms of buying a new car. Let's say the base price of a standard car is 10K. But then you decide you want AWD for an additional $3K, and a back up camera for $1,500, GPS for $1250, Blue tooth for$ 300, DVD for 2K, heated seats for $500, Adaptive Cruise Control for $4500 and tinted windows with chrome wheels for a final addition of another 2K. You now have a vehicle that comes to $23,500. Oh yes and you didn't even factor in whether or not you want a Cadillac or a Honda, a sedan or a compact car. Every choice you make as a consumer detailing what you want/need in your new vehicle affects the price you will pay. Makes sense you say? Well the exact same is true when you purchase a retractable awning.


  1. How large an awning do you need?
  2. What fabric do you want?
  3. Do you want a crank or motorized awning?
  4. Do you want a wind sensor?
  5. Do you want LED lights?
  6. Do you want an encased closure to which your awning retracts or a simple cover you apply?
  7. Do you want a Sunsetter or a NU Image brand awning?
  8. Do you want a roof mount or regular mount awning?
  9. Do you want a front drop shade?

This is the reason Loebrich Contracting offers Free Quotes for your retractable awning. You have a lot of decisions to make in regard to the purchase of your awning which will invariably affect the price you pay. Your awning is custom designed to your want/needs the same as your new car purchase. Add-on's and additional features come at a price. If you are calling because you want us to throw a price at you and your decision is based solely on price, I would ask you to think about how you purchase a car. Do you call the dealer and ask how much a car costs without stating the make and model you desire or the features you want/need. NO absolutely not. You meet with the dealer and work our exactly what you are looking for in your new car.

The same is true with buying an awning. We meet with you, see where you want your awning to go, inquire about whether or not you live in a windy area, will you use it at night to entertain and many more questions so that we can offer you a awning that fits your own individual needs. In reality, what we sell Joe across the street may have nothing to do with what you want or need in a shade product. Maybe his was $1000 more than what you paid or $1000 less than what you paid. The price difference can be attributed this scenario: You both bought a  2021 Black Honda, but you didn't want the DVD player or the Adaptive Cruise Control, hence, the difference in price. Schedule your free quote from Loebrich Contracting today. Find out what the options are for your shade needs and let us customize it to your individual needs/desires. It's Februrary let us give you your hearts desire for your outdoor living space! <3


Jan 2021 BLOG

Posted On: January 03, 2021

2020 Won or 2021?

Well I don't suppose there is a one of us who was sad to see 2020 in the rear view mirror! And it is after all a new year! Hopefully one that will bode better for all of us. At least at the start of 2021, something positive has happened for the average US citizen. Another stimulus check has been released!

Last year's stimulus checks were shown to been quite frequently used for home improvements. My own household <mine being the author of this blog NOT the owner of the company> has already this day January 3rd, 2021 used my stimulus money to enhance my kitchen.

So, if you find yourself as I did at the start of this new year, with a little bit of extra cash, and you need or desire to spruce up a kitchen or bath, or are looking ahead to warmer days and want a motorized retractable awning for your deck or patio, Loebrich contracting is here to see to those needs or desires for your home in 2021.




Loebrich Contracting has all your remodeling needs covered for 2021!


December 2020 BLOG

Posted On: December 11, 2020


The Year of 2020 and How the Pandemic Boosted Home Remodeling

It’s hard to imagine that the pandemic of 2020 actually boosted an industry here in America. But that is exactly what can be seen looking back over the last nine months. While people were quarantined in their homes in the beginning of the CoVid 19 shutdown across the country, they began to see their homes in a different light. Many sought to reconfigure their homes for work space, outdoor space, homeschooling space,  and play spaces. 


This triggered a 58% annual increase in Outdoor spaces, and a 40% increase in Kitchen and Bath remodeling! 75% of homeowners said they did some type of home remodeling in 2020.


If you’re wondering where the financial increase came from with the country shut down, you will be surprised. Money for these projects is reported to have come from the first stimulus check as well as people changing their living habits. With restaurants closed, many ate at home and the annual vacation was put on hold. These small life changes added up to actual dollars in homeowners hands and they chose to spend it on their homes reportedly to “make them cozier”.


Seventy five percent of homeowners said they plan to do some type of home remodeling in the next 12 months. Well folks, if you are one of the 75% planning a home remodeling project, you know who to call. And if you want to make that outdoor area more user friendly, well we have the motorized retractable awnings that will get the job done! 



November Blog 2020

Posted On: November 07, 2020


ELECTION DAY 2020~~/COVID 2020 = Ceiling Trends

In the year 2020 both could be considered a curse word...So let us take a break from both and look up! Look up where? Why to…..

Ceiling Trends!

That’s right!  Believe it or not, ceilings are actually something of a trend in well let’s skip the curse word and refer to it as the present time.

What could possibly go on a ceiling and make it trendy you ask? Well let’s explore the options available~

Flooring, that’s right people are actually turning their rooms upside down with stunning effects! Nailing wood flooring to the ceiling is actually a very popular trend to the boring ceiling.

But...Let’s start with the most fun example and work our way down to basic or not so basic plaster!

  1. Fabric Ceiling….A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components – a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track. In addition to ceilings the system can be used for wall coverings, light diffusers, floating panels, exhibitions and creative shapes.


     2. UPSIDE DOWN CEILING/Flooring for a ceiling…Add architectural interest to a flat drywall ceiling with tongue-and-groove wood floors.


     3. Tin Ceiling...while starting to wane in popularity you can still purchase these tiles and create your own look and special design.


    4. Coffered Ceiling… more modern design with inlaid lighting.


5.  Wood Beam Ceiling..


6.  And of course the traditional Plaster ceiling but you can add a modern twist!


There now wasn’t that much more entertaining to focus on in November than CoVid and the Election? We can all use a break from them both! Here’s to things looking up!


October Blog 2020

Posted On: October 02, 2020


Now Before It Gets Too Cold...Winterize and Weather Proof

Clean Gutters

Gutters clogged with debris can cause ice damage in the winter! So, make sure to clean them every fall.

Flush Water Heater

It is important to flush the sediment from your water heater before winter comes. Your water heater will run more efficiently if you do this.

Ceiling Fans Clockwise

Simply switching your ceiling fan to run clockwise will help to force the warm air which rises back down into the living quarters of you home requiring less heat.

Window Replacement 

Replacing old drafty windows may seem like an expense at first but you will reap the benefits of a warmer home because heat loss is10-20% from old windows. Furthermore, you will start to save anywhere from $20-$95 each year on your energy bill.


By adding additional insulation to the below listed spaces you will help to keep the heat in your home as well as cut your energy cost according to the Department of Energy’s webpage on insulation. The 5 recommended places are, attic walls, exterior walls, floors, crawlspaces, and basements. https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/weatherize/insulation/where-insulate-home

Door Replacement Especially Between Garage and Kitchen Doors

Making sure an energy star rated door is located between your garage and you kitchen will further help to keep the heat in your home.

Programmable Thermostat

Replacing an old thermostat with a new updated programmable thermostat can save 1% on  your energy bill.

Chimney Balloon 

For as little as $25-$60 depending on the size you require, you can literally keep your heat from going up like smoke. An inflated chimney ball will help to keep the warm air in and the cold are out!

Bleed Radiators

Radiators need to have the air removed from them before winter, this process is called bleeding the radiator. The trapped air stops warm water from circulating around your radiator which in turn makes the radiator cold at the top, but warm at the bottom. It means your heating system isn't working efficiently and it can take longer to warm up your room.

Caulking and Weather Stripping

Caulking and weather stripping are effective ways to rid your home of costly drafts.


Free window replacement quotes can be found right here! Call us today for a Free Quote. Loebrich Contracting your quality home improvement remodeler.