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2019 Remodeling Resolutions

Posted On: December 28, 2018

              New Years Blog 2019               




We all make New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe we want to lose a few pounds, stop a bad habit, help others more…etc. whatever your resolution, have you considered making a Home Remodeling New Year Resolution? What should your #1 priority be in the upcoming new year? SAFETY of course!! It always seems in the colder months we hear tragic stories of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. These tragedies can be avoided by these simple steps.

  1. Replace carbon monoxide detectors after 5 years.
  2. Replace fire/smoke detectors after 10 years.


 CO alarms do not last forever. The detecting components will lose their effectiveness after 5 to 7 years and may no longer detect carbon monoxide. First Alerts website states: After 5 years any detector should be replaced with a new CO alarm. 

  •  Smoke detectors that are 10 years old are near the end of their service life and should be replaced. A smoke detector constantly monitors the air 24 hours a day. At the end of 10 years, it has gone through over 3.5 million monitoring cycles. After this much use, components may become less reliable. This means that as the detector gets older, the potential for failing to detect a fire increases. Replacing them after 10 years reduces this possibility. My detectors are wired into my electrical system. Do I need to replace them as often as battery-operated detectors? Yes. Both types of detectors are equally affected by age.


Along with safety should go SECURITY. Maybe this is the year, a security system is an option for your home. There are many security companies who will install and maintain a system for you, as well as DIY security systems which are available. Even digital locks can add to your home’s security, as well as motion sensor lighting and security cameras. All components can be purchased and maintained through a reputable home security company or again you can install yourself. Simplisafe is an example of a very easy to use security system you can install yourself…ADT is an example of a company-based security system that will be installed and monitored through said company. Each can be personalized to fit your own individual security needs.


After Safety what home remodeling new year resolution can you come up with? ENERGY EFFICIENCY of course! Making sure your home is using the least possible amount of energy will help to lower your bills in the new year. New energy star rated doors and windows, low flushing toilets, water conserving shower heads and faucets, programmable thermostat’s, replacing old incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, adding insulation, upgrading to energy star certified appliances, installing a storm door, and probably the least known unplugging unused battery chargers, are all potential ways to cut the cost of your energy bill.




So this year if a trip to the gym or the latest fad diet aren’t that appealing, try a New Year Resolution that will benefit your home!






Posted On: December 05, 2018

December 5, 2018


Deck the Halls…Light up the Tree…Fa la la la la Holiday Hoopla is upon us!! It’s time to talk about trendy lighting for your home and exterior illumination that will light up Santa’s way!! But those candles in the window and lights on the tree, can add up to an energy bill you weren’t expecting! Time to think about updating the Holiday Décor.

For EXTERIOR ILLUMINATION consider friendly lighting. LED can last about 100,00 hours not to mention the incredible energy savings passed on to you!


And with the technology expanding so rapidly you can now use the power of the sun for your holiday exterior illumination! Making your home more Eco green and Elf friendly! Spread cheer this Yuletide Season and save $ using a renewable source of energy!


Styles in both lighting sources range from lanterns, to illuminated globes, to twinkle lights in the pathway, to foliage covers for trees or small bushes!


While we want our homes to be warm and cozy with a soft inviting atmosphere during the holiday season, we need to remember the fire hazard that can come from forgotten candles, lights that are too hot on a real tree, or even candle lights in the windows that are on 24 hours a day too close to curtains. You can avoid holiday hazards by using cool burning LED candle lights that only turn on when the sun sets, cool burning LED lights for your tree, and the best yet, flameless flickering battery remote controlled candles that look just like real candles. These candles provide a soft warm glow but are safe to leave on. They are available in small tea lights that can be inserted into colored holders, or large standalone pillar candles, and now taper candles for your holiday table!! Worry free interior illumination!


We here at Loebrich Contracting wish everyone a Safe and  Blessed Holiday Season and a Very Merry Christmas!


Holiday Remodeling???

Posted On: November 09, 2018



Is holiday remodeling even possible? Do you want to "spruce" up your home for the family festivities and holiday happenings? As long as you are NOT thinking large scale renovations, there is time before the holidays to do some remodeling!!!

Let's start with color! A fresh coat of paint can "spruce" up your holiday space for a fresh feeling. Painting can be done in a day or two depending on your space size and prep work.


Next, let's turn on the lights! The festival of lights! Switching out old outdated lighting fixtures to update your aesthetics is an easy, doable project for the festival of lights!



Want to floor everyone with your new holiday look? Whether doing it yourself or hiring professionals there is still time to replace flooring with an array of flooring materials. Add elegance, versatility or warmth with this quick remodeling project!!


Where the hand washing and holiday baking take place...Even bathrooms and kitchens can be "spruced" up just in time for the holiday family gathering. Replacing kitchen and bathroom hardware, installing new appliances, new faucets or sinks, even floor model vanities as long as water lines are not being moved, is all feasible in time for the holiday season. Kitchen task lighting or a new garbage disposal, dishwasher or frig, can make the Holly Jolly Holidays Happier...


Just remember leave that BIG WISH LIST to Santa and his helpers for after the Season of good cheer! Because nobody wants a holiday mishap!



Mudroom Remodel or Addition

Posted On: October 26, 2018



Mudroom Additions

Mudrooms are a transition space between the outdoors and the main living area. They typically house footwear, wet items, sports gear, and outer wear.  The greatest advantage to a mudroom is better organization and neatness and preservation of the main part of the house. Most mudrooms contain, shelving, cutouts for trendy storage baskets, laundry sinks, washer/dryer, hooks/pegs, benches with under storage, tiled floors, cabinetry with drawers, or at least some combination of the aforementioned options.


 Mudrooms are a hot trending addition or remodel for the home. The transitional space is a great space to stow away footwear, wet items, hockey sticks basketballs, odorous gym bags, and outer wear. Incorporating your laundry area into your first-floor mudroom is a smart contemporary trend.  Many mudrooms feature large farmhouse sinks for pre-soaking, washing off the muddy canine after hiking, or cleaning mud from those boots. That outdated hall closet cannot offer these features for storage and neatness. Built in cupboards with drawers for hats, mittens, scarves, shelving, cubby holes, benches to sit on and remove those shoes and boots with space underneath to stow that wet footwear, as well as hooks for hanging coats and purses, all contribute to the neat appearance that can be achieved with a mudroom addition or remodel. Call Loebrich Contracting 814-539-6236 for your clutter free mudroom project!



Trendy Basement Remodels

Posted On: October 12, 2018

Octobers Featured Project: Enclosed Sunroom

Trendy Basement Remodels

Here in the Northeast it’s getting chilly. That means more time spent in doors. Maybe you have an unused basement?

Listed below are some great ideas for Basement Remodeling in the millennium!  Old uses for the basement were storage, laundry, dad’s workshop, extra bedroom, or a place for the kids to play. But in 2020 the basement has an open concept without dividing walls giving it the perception of additional light and space. It has become a usable living space which can add additional value to your home! Just look at this list of modern uses for the basement!

1.Theater Room

2. In Law- Suite


 3. Music Auditorium

4. Sports Room with multiple TV’s

5.Home brewery, or mini pub, or wine cellar with gather space



 6.Home Gym and Spa


Whatever your basement remodeling ideas, Loebrich Contracting can help make them a reality. All estimates are free and financing is available.


Hot Flooring Trends 2018

Posted On: September 28, 2018



BLOG: Flooring Trends for 2018

 Flooring is a hot trend for 2018. Now with colors like dark, blonde, variation, grey, honey and textures such as hand-scraped, wire brushed, distressed, and laminate, hardwood, luxury vinyl, cork, engineered, reclaimed, bamboo, diagonal, mixed width, wide planks and more, it’s a hard choice. Let us share some of what we know about these fast-changing trends in the flooring industry.



Hardwood Flooring- Colors vary but the most popular in 2018 are Dark, Blonde, variation, grey, and honey. In the last 10 years, the dark same size plank wood was in, but now the trend is moving away as homeowners are realizing it shows every speck of dust.

Trending now is the blonde or grey look. Also popular are the larger planked and diagonal room layout. These provide depth and the allusion of a larger brighter space. The darker wood makes rooms look smaller and requires more maintenance.



 Engineered wood- is more versatile in pet friendly homes. It’s a thin hardwood veneer layer on top of plywood on high density fiber board. It’s out of the box ready with no finishing or refinishing required and very easy to install. It can mimic every trending real wood look such as hard scraped, wire brushed and distressed.



 Wood Look Vinyl- This is a very hot trend for 2018. It’s just as realistic as wood look laminate but more versatile and less maintenance. Vinyl has realistic tiles and planks that are not available in other types of flooring. Waterproof capabilities and ease of care make it hot and trendy for 2018. LVT or luxury vinyl tile can create a realistic natural stone look. Some hot stone vinyl looks are the marble, slate, and travertine. Hot textures = hand scraped, wire brushed, distressed. You can find it in look-alike for wood, marble, slate, concrete, travertine,  & metallic. Patterns include Herringbone chevron/ diagonal/hexagonal/mixed width/large plank and large formal tile. Types= waterproof vinyl, Luxury Vinyl tiles, Luxury Vinyl Planks, Rigid cone for uneven sub floors.



 Laminate Flooring- Realtors refer to laminate flooring as the top option for increasing home value. Its an affordable way to achieve hard wood look. Biggest advancement is laminate is now waterproof. With the newest options of wider planks and lighter colors and rustic textures that look and feel like real wood. It is an Eco-Friendly option compared to real hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood although beautiful, is not waterproof.



 Cork-Cork flooring is eco-friendly, resilient, sound proof, mold and mildew resistant and trending. Lots of people want to incorporate green products into their home. Enter cork flooring. It’s harvested from the bark of a cork tree. Once taken the tree can still live and grow for another 200 years. However, cork is not waterproof and very expensive. It can be purchased in traditional and modern design. It would be great for a home office or child’s play room, game room or gym room due to its sound proofing ability. It is also ideal for flooring over radiant heat due to its insulation capability. Although the cost is higher it’s a great pro-green product you can incorporate into specific rooms of your home.


Consult with Loebrich Contracting 814-539-6236 today for all your flooring needs. All estimates are free and financing is available!



Posted On: September 07, 2018



Cabinetry Upgrade

Not a changing trend like floors and countertops yet there is a move to a more streamlined, simplistic functional design. Kitchen cabinets have been modernized with in the last 20 years. Modern cabinets do not have any ornate features. They are smooth with clean simple lines and minimalistic hardware.

Open Shelves are trending in place of wall cabinets, but these pose the problem of creating a well-organized as well as aesthetic look. A new trend is to combine limited open shelving with wall cabinetry.

Modern cabinetry is tech loaded with charging stations and built in tablets and wireless speakers. Under cabinet lighting like LED is also a popular trend. Concealed appliances like refrigerator oven and dishwasher provide a stream lined look. 


Base Cabinetry is another trend that has large drawers occasionally located in the island where large pots and pan can be stored. Pullout spice racks and built in utensil dividers are common place in modern cabinetry. Narrow spaces that in days of old would have false fronts. now serve as cookie tray and muffin tin holders.


Hot trends today include glass front cabinets which add a light fresh look. Floor to ceiling cabinetry is also a very hot trend right now.


Instead of the old wood look many homeowners are opting for cabinets with color like black, white and gray.

Many companies offer you the chance to reface your present cabinets or replace. Or you as a DIY can opt to paint old cabinets to provide a fresh new look. Just be sure to first sand well, and check with your local paint store about which paints will work best with your project.



Posted On: August 17, 2018



AS THE SELLER YOU WANT TOP DOLLAR. Home improvements can help you achieve your asking price. But be prudent in what you are spending. You want to get back what you spend.

 It’s always a good idea to research the sale prices in your real estate market. For example, if a home with an outdated kitchen sells for 50k less than an home with an updated one, it’s a safe bet to remodel your older kitchen for about 25K.

 Hold off on pet projects or those projects you always wanted done. Instead focus on the projects that are budget friendly and that add a fresh look to your home.

 Spruce up your entry way with a new front door. Frist impressions make a difference when selling a home. However, don’t go for the full bathroom remodel. Instead consider switching out a vanity or try a tub overlay.

 If you don’t have the liquid assets to do a kitchen remodel try a new floor, switch out cabinet hardware, and maybe a new sink and faucet set.

 Home improvement projects can add curb appeal and bring a fresh look to your home. If you do your research and budget accordingly, your home remodeling projects can cut the time your house is on the market as well as bring in your asking price.

 Loebrich Contracting can help you with all your home renovation and remodeling projects.