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Holiday Remodeling???

Posted On: November 09, 2018



Is holiday remodeling even possible? Do you want to "spruce" up your home for the family festivities and holiday happenings? As long as you are NOT thinking large scale renovations, there is time before the holidays to do some remodeling!!!

Let's start with color! A fresh coat of paint can "spruce" up your holiday space for a fresh feeling. Painting can be done in a day or two depending on your space size and prep work.


Next, let's turn on the lights! The festival of lights! Switching out old outdated lighting fixtures to update your aesthetics is an easy, doable project for the festival of lights!



Want to floor everyone with your new holiday look? Whether doing it yourself or hiring professionals there is still time to replace flooring with an array of flooring materials. Add elegance, versatility or warmth with this quick remodeling project!!


Where the hand washing and holiday baking take place...Even bathrooms and kitchens can be "spruced" up just in time for the holiday family gathering. Replacing kitchen and bathroom hardware, installing new appliances, new faucets or sinks, even floor model vanities as long as water lines are not being moved, is all feasible in time for the holiday season. Kitchen task lighting or a new garbage disposal, dishwasher or frig, can make the Holly Jolly Holidays Happier...


Just remember leave that BIG WISH LIST to Santa and his helpers for after the Season of good cheer! Because nobody wants a holiday mishap!