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The Remodeling Process

Posted On: March 29, 2018

So before we start showing featured projects I think it is a good idea to share with you how the home improvement process works ( and also how it sometimes does not work)

First up:How to have a Good Remodeling Experience

So you want to do some remodeling but either you or someone you know has had a bad experience and you don't want that to happen this time. Maybe you are not sure how to go about picking materials, getting a contractor, financing etc.

There are some simple things you can do to to help ensure a good outcome.

First think about what you want and don't want. Then make notes so nothing gets missed when you meet with contractors or go to make material selections. One good way to figure out what you want is by asking yourself what you don't like now.

For instance if you hate that your current kitchen doesn't have enough room for friends and family then maybe  opening up a wall or installing a bar top for additional seating might be possible. Maybe its too dark  so you might think about additional lighting or a skylight. You can get lots of ideas on the internet and from your friends, neighbors and relatives but remember in the end it's your house and you are paying so it's your ideas that matter most. It's also a good idea to have all the decision makers involved  so everyone who matters has input in the process.

I once sold a whole house full of windows to a husband who insisted " We don't need my wife here  we already discussed it I know exactly  what we want"   Followed with "Do you want to sell me the windows or not?" So we installed 19 windows that his wife hates because they are not the style she wanted and they are too expensive to tear out and throw away. (Now when they call me for more work I don't have to ask if they can both be there when I stop by.) For most of us our home is a major investment so it only makes sense to put a little effort in up front to help things go smoothly down the road. So figure out what you want to do and get those notes on paper. 

More to follow