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Farmhouse Rustic Out and Biophilia In? Nov.2019 Blog

Posted On: November 11, 2019

Nov. 2019 Blog


Farmhouse Rustic Design Trend’s Out and Biophilia In?

Calm down I can hear you already saying WHAT??? Don't get your tinsel in a tangle! ( oh wait that's next month, oops)

Say what? I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking. But here it is. According to Zillow the rustic farmhouse design craze that has been so trendy for the last 10 years will be considered outdated in 2020. Trends change, it’s as simple as that. Believe it or not, it was once considered trendy to cover up that hardwood floor with carpet! The thought of it you gasp!!!

More industrial materials like glass and metal are about to replace the reclaimed wood phase. To soften the harshness of metal and concrete, a more modern sliding door made from glass will replace that classic barndoor design. Even those exposed Edison bulbs that were all the rage are going to be replaced with clean lighting from Europe detailed with modern lines and shapes!


OUT                                                              TRENDING

And colors are moving away from the natural neutrals to big and bold.Overplayed grey walls are out. Rose gold and millennial pink are old news.



Matte black fixtures are about to take the design scene over. Even that accent wall is about to be replaced with decorative accessories or a living wall. Which leads us to the newest rage, Biophilia!



What the heck is Biophilia I can hear you asking! Biophilia is the urge to affiliate with other forms of life.  Biophilia is said to reduce stress, expedite healing, improve cognitive function and creativity. The sight of living greenery, the sound of water and the unimpeded view of actual nature as well as the feel of a breeze blowing across your skin can all be incorporated into the design or the remodeling of your home. The contrast between the technological world in which we exist and biophilic design is set to become the newest trend in home design. A perfect example of biophilic design would be Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater property located in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands. The layout encompasses nature all around it with running water, open levels to the outdoors, natural light, and nature at your fingertips.


How can this be incorporated into your home design? Most likely on a much smaller scale. Plants, open floor plans, open staircases, skylights or large windows for natural light and unimpeded views to the outdoor or even sliding walls to the outside, in addition water features in the home can help to incorporate the newest trend in home design.



However you slice the pie, rustic farmhouse has run it’s course and is giving way to new trends for the 2020 year ahead. (hey that pun is for the right month!) Happy Thanksgiving from Loebrich Contracting!