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December 2019 Blog

Posted On: December 06, 2019


Change with the season of life....

Remember the Olive green appliances of the 70's that stuck around until the 80's? What about the almond or white appliances that went into the 90's, or the black and stainless steel appliances that took us into the new millennium? Seems like a while ago trends came and stayed for almost a decade, they had a season. But since the new millennium trends come and go rather quickly with the changing winds. They almost change as rapidly as technology!



What goes around comes around again in fashion design. The same is true for remodeling trends. What was outdated and an eyesore is suddenly 40 years down the road trendy and chic again.

Subway tile hits the scene hard and fast and is quickly replaced by decorative tile. Granite counter tops have given way to poured cement counter tops. Wood flooring is being pushed aside for luxury vinyl tile flooring. Even the strong rustic farmhouse design which emerged as a hot trend is not as long lived as it's forefathers from the 70's, 80's, and 90's! After only a few years Rustic Farmhouse is out. Technology is hot today. Smart kitchens are the rage!


Are the fast paced trends a result of our fast paced technological advances, maybe so. Either way, it's good to know that Loebrich Contracting has been adapting to trends for the last 40 years!

AND NOW FOR A HOT TIP: The hot remodeling color for 2020 is officially Classic Blue according to Pantone and Qualified Remodelers Magazine       


See you all in 2020 where we are sure the trends will change, but you will be able to count on Loebrich's to adapt!