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Sunroom Vs. Screenroom Blog May 2019

Posted On: May 03, 2019

Sunroom Vs. Screenroom Blog




On one hand I want a sunroom on the other hand I want a screened in porch…how do I decide?

Thinking about adding a screened in room or a 3 season room to your home?  Either can be a great addition, as long as you consider the Pro’s and Cons of each room while evaluating how one or the other will fit your lifestyle and vision for your new room.

How to decide which is better for you:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What are you goals for the space?
  3. Where in the US is your geographical location?

If your budget is on the lower side a screened in porch/patio should be considered. If you want a place to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and breezes of summer a screened in room is perfect for you.  Outdoor furniture works best in a screen room and, although technically you could, I would suggest you leave the big screen tv indoors. A screened room will provide you with protection from sun and bugs while keeping you in the very heart of nature. In the Southern US and warmer climate states, screened in porches can be used year-round.

If you have a larger budget a 3 Season room can be used year-round depending on the geographical location. Permanent furniture and electronics can be utilized in this room. HVAC can be installed to help keep the climate of your sunroom comfortable. A sunroom will provide you with complete protection from outdoor elements whether it is bugs or sideways rain. All the windows keep you surrounded by nature without being exposed to all its temperaments.

If you want to experience those long summer days and wonderful summer nights without bugs, a screened room is calling to you.  Imagine cocktails by candle light without it being a citronella candle.  You can hear the crickets singing and not wake up with welts from the mosquito bites the next day. Think about a wonderful picnic lunch without the flies landing on your food! If this sounds like your happy place a screen room is right for you.

If you want to watch the leaves turning on a chilly fall day while you are toasty warm and surrounded by all that color, a 3 Season room is calling to you.

Before you decide, consider the following:

Screen room Pros                                      Screen room Cons

Lower Cost                                       Only use in warm weather <unless located in Southern US>

No Bugs                                             No protection from blowing rain

No $ spent on HVAC


 3 Season Room Pros                     3 Season Room Cons

No Bugs                                                Higher Cost 

Use 3 Seasons                                      Heating/Cooling cost

Ability to heat or cool

Protection from all elements


Either room can enhance your interaction with the outdoors without having to leave your home. If you carefully consider your budget and long term goal use during the planning stage, a screen room or 3 Season room will add unprecedented value to your home! And as always, Loebrich Contracting is your qualified professional for either choice plus all estimates are free! And we offer 100% financing to those who qualify.

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