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Subway Tiles In or Out Blog June 2019

Posted On: June 07, 2019


Subway Tiles are/were a hot trend. Well which one is it you ask… was or is??? It depends on whom you talk to. But the trend does seem to be leaning away from the clean-cut aesthetic look to some different designs.

So, what could possibly be trending in tile you ask? Let’s Explore….

Harlequin Tile- aka Rhomboid or diamond pattern elongated, not square, is making a new debut in the design setting. The pattern was actually derived from early theatrical costumes.

 Moroccan Tile- design was first introduced in the 10th century.  Originally from Morocco Spain and known for their hypnotic geometric patterns and vibrant colors, it could be known in the future as tile’s historical “comeback kid”.

Fish Scale Tile-Moroccan in style aka Ogre Drop Tile is also emerging in design trends. It’s an upside-down tear drop tile. It’s an S curve consisting of two arcs that curve in opposite directions so that the ends are parallel.  Sometimes they are referred to as the Moroccan Fish Scale Tile.

Geometric Design Tile originated from early Arabic and Roman times. They were reborn in the Victorian era by mass producing tiles of one color and then putting them together for a relatively cheap tile floor. A great example would be the checkerboard floor pattern, a mix of black and white mass produced squares used together and being reborn for today’s modern retro design teams.

Cement Tiles- a hot trending old tile. Often termed encaustic cement tiles whose origins can be traced to Barcelona Spain. These are found extensively all over the world except for the United States. However, this is beginning to change as a trend here is helping them to make a huge resurgence.  But this resurgence has a high price tag and is coupled with a lot of elbow grease to maintain their looks.  Luckily knock off porcelain cement tiles offer an affordable alternative.

Metal Tiles- originally made in the United State for ceilings before WWII. Recently the tiles have been scaled down to fit back splashes, cabinet faces and much more.

Not yet "untrendy" the Subway Tile! Their name is derived from the underground subways in NYC where they were first installed to associate the white sparkling cleanliness of the tile with the subways!! They were incorporated into kitchens, bathrooms, butcher shops and anywhere that cleanliness was associated. Hard to believe the subways of today were once associated with pristine cleanliness. Although there has been a huge trend in the last 10 years, other tiles are beginning to steal the limelight from them.

Whether a hot trend or on the way out, subway tile is being replaced by some new tile designs making their way onto the design scene.

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