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Multi-generation home remodeling blog July 2019

Posted On: July 05, 2019

July Blog 2019

Accommodating Multiple Generations


In 2019 remodeling contractors are seeing a trend in renovations which will accommodate multiple generations.  Some families are choosing to put a complete addition onto their existing home in order to co-exist separately, yet as a  whole multi-generational family unit.


Others choose to remodel an existing space in their current home like a basement. Mother- in- law basement apartments are quite common these days.


Yet, others simply choose to combine two bedrooms into one space with an adjoining bath.


Still others are choosing to remodel their downstairs into a smaller living, kitchen, and dining areas so that a bedroom and en suite can be added to the first floor with wider doors and hallways making it accessible for wheelchairs/ walkers aging family members may require.


The rise in these additions and alterations can be attributed to the growing number of grandparents providing childcare. In addition, the cost of living alone versus the cost of institutional living is skyrocketing for senior citizens. Childcare and retirement living can both be extremely expensive.  Thrifty and savvy families are finding the benefit of combining living space and income as a multi-generational family unit. They are seeing the economic advantages on both sides as well as positive mental welfare for the family as a whole.


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