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Posted On: September 06, 2019

Pet Project


Have a “pet project” you saw somewhere. Maybe a home design show, a friend’s kitchen remodel, or a post on facebook has inspired a pet project.  Here are a few tips if you’re wondering how to take this from the idea stage to the implementation stage.

Start with just the basic idea and then do some internet research.  A great way to save and store any ideas that you come across via the internet is Pinterest!

Pinterest allows you to create idea boards where you can store pictures relating to your project.  For example, let’s say you want to take out a wall and build a master bedroom closet. OK you have your idea, now research it.  Most likely you are surprised to find a rectangular closet may suit your needs versus a square walk-in-closet.


  Or maybe you want to combine both! Saving pictures to a Pinterest board named Closet Design will help you to envision your closet architectural plans.

 Next maybe you want shoes, purses, ties, suits, sweaters, coats, etc. to be organized in different spaces.  Saving different organization pictures of shelving, storage bins, baskets, shoe organizers, etc. will help you to decide what types of organizational products you will need.  After you have your boards with various ideas, combine your final choice into one board that will act as your personal blueprint.


Next check out Houzz.com See if the ideas you have combined into one Pinterest board have actually been implemented. Chances are you can find your design on Houzz.com or something very similar to your design concept.  You can even find local contractors like Loebrich Contracting on Houzz. You can refine your search by budget, location, style, size, color, and so much more. You can create idea books, ask questions and even place orders.

  Between Pinterest & Houzz, you will be exceptionally organized for that “Pet Project”!  Loebrich Contracting can be found on either Pinterest or Houzz!

 Last, don’t’ forget to “Vet” your contractor. Make sure he/she is experienced, licensed, and insured, and check references on-line and in person. Make sure you set a time frame for this project. Don’t start it a month before a major holiday or life event like a wedding, as you won’t want your house under construction during these times. Always, research and set a budget. Finally, check what permits you will need. Either obtain the permits yourself or have your contractor pick them up and display them when work begins.  Make your “Pet Project” transition from an idea to a reality by following these simple steps:

Pinterest Boards

Houzz Pics of Projects, Prices, and Local Contractors

Vet Contractor

Set time frame and budget with a little padding for both

Get permits.

Have fun bringing that Pet project all together!

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