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Home repair, home improvement, and home upkeep are all part of a homeowner’s life. What projects should you tackle on your own and why? What projects should be left for a professional contractor?

Some projects require a certain skillset. For safety reasons these should be left to a licensed professional like an electrician. Other projects require no skillset or knowledge and can save you $ when budgeting for your next home project. One such example almost every homeowner can carry out on their own is painting!

So, when should you DIY and when should you hire a professional?  Most times you can make this choice by considering 3 factors:

  1. Safety   2. Difficulty   3. Time

When considering Safety, look at these 3 major components.      1. Can it kill you?   Think about it, faulty wiring or falling off a roof could be fatal. This is your red flag warning waving at you and telling you to consider a professional.


2.Could it destroy your home?   Knocking down a load bearing wall, tearing out bathroom fixtures and reinstalling them improperly both have the potential to destroy your home. While a contractor could do the same, the difference is, he will be culpable for the mistake if you hired a licensed and fully insured contractor.

 3.Does it require a permit? If a permit is required, then that warning red flag  should be waving at you again. If a project requires a building permit, chances are it is not a DIY project. The building permit is required to prove that inspectors have checked the work to make sure it was done safely and to code. This level of home improvement may be out of many homeowner’s skillset.

Knowledge: Mistakes made for lack of knowledge can be costly if you’re not quite sure what you are doing in a project.  You could squander a lot of time, energy and resources, especially if you end up calling in a professional to fix your mistakes. Shoddy work is a turn off for future buyers. Beautiful tile laid out incorrectly is an eyesore no matter how beautiful the pattern.


Time:  Sure, the idea behind DIY is saving money. But remember the more a project costs by a professional translates into more of your own personal time to complete the project. If you and/or your partner both work, then your project will be worked on during the evenings and weekends only. A project that could take an electrician a day to complete could potentially turn into weeks or even months with your personal schedule. It may be far more feasible to shell out the 600 bucks for a professional and save yourself the time and energy.

Some great places for the beginner DIY’ers are the beginning and the end of the project. Demolition does not require a skillset. As long as, the contractor has shown you exactly what and where to safely demo, go for it and save yourself some money! Save yourself even more at the end of the project by doing your own clean up and painting. Remember you are paying for these tasks to be accomplished by your contractor and he is charging you by the hour. This is a great place to save some money.


The DIY trend is really hot with all the online youtube instructional videos. Just remember when that red flag pops up, pay it heed. And always know when you need a fully licensed, insured contractor with 40+ years’ experience and a 5*online rating, Loebrich Contracting is here for you.


Jan. 2020 Blog

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January 2020 New Year's Blog

January 2020 Homeowner's Remodeling Survey Shows:

47% are very concerned about price

75% created a budget

49% paused a project because it was too expensive

42% find a contractor through friends and family

33% use Google and Facebook or Instagram to find a contractor

65%  get 2-3 estimates

23% won't hire do to lack of communication

38% stressed about up coming project

58% research their project on line ahead of time using Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc.

According to this survey, price is a major factor when considering a remodeling project. In the cost vs. value report put out by Remodeling Magazine each year,  and found here  Cost vs. Value Report  You can research approximately how much your project will cost by your geographical location versus the return you can expect from your monetary investment.

This information can be invaluable when creating that budget.  It can also alleviate the concerns about price expressed by about ½ of the survey participants. Another advantage of this information, will be the ability to avoid a serious pitfall like pausing a project because it was too expensive as ½ of survey participants noted. You need the information provided in this survey because home value is vital when it comes time to sell your home.

As for alleviating the stress of the upcoming project, find a contractor whom friends and family recommend, or if looking to the internet for guidance, find the contractor with the best over all internet rating and reviews.

Loebrich Contracting has a 5* internet rating on various sites throughout the internet. We can help you with every item on this survey and make your remodeling experience the best part of 2020. Happy New Year!