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Jun 28, 2020


Movement away from open concept: Believe it or not people are actually finding they miss a cozy individual space away from disruptions. The open all inclusive floor plan is lacking the cozy private feel and some consumers have begun to reincorporate this into their new home remodeling design. Some just don't like the messiness that can occur with a well used kitchen spilling over into their living space. Many have begun to incorporate archways and other architectural designs to divide the space without completely closing it off. 

Induction Cooking and Hidden Appliances: Induction cooking found in microwaves, stoves, and even toaster ovens is an emerging trend in home appliances as well as hidden appliances like the microwave drawer. Convection ovens are also making the turn from fads to trends. Even cabinets and drawers are mostly soft touch replacing the need for hardware, making every item a little less conspicuous.

Wellness focused improvements: A hot emerging trend is wellness focused improvements like circadian lighting and touch-less faucets as well as advanced air purifiers. Circadian lighting is light that changes color to promote sleep at night and energy during the day. Blue light is necessary during the day and undesirable at night. Sceneswitch- a light bulb that changes the intensity of blue light for day and night is becoming extremely popular. The idea is to emit bright bluish light during the day to suppress the melatonin our brains produce and then in the evening to switch to a dim yellow light prompting the hormone to flow more freely. The touch free faucets are seen as a great way to prevent the spread of germs. And I'm sure we all agree after our start to 2020 with COVID 19 anything that reduces the spread of germs is going to be popular. And water and air purifiers help to promote healthy living by filtering out the pollutants that can cause illness.



Smart technology using unmonitored security systems: Unimonitored security systems employs cameras, and sirens which alert you but not emergency services that something is wrong. One type links to your mobile device and sends you notifications. Another type records video or sets off a loud siren for an intruder. The unmonitored system is much less expensive than paying for a monitored home security system and is rapidly rising in popularity.

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