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Sep 04, 2020


The first Monday of September is known as Labor Day. We have Labor Day weekend, Labor Day picnics, parties, and weddings! We all embrace the 3 day weekend that is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

So, I ask you what makes a good laborer? We all have heard about the skilled labor shortage, but what about the companies who employ the laborers? If the company can’t pass muster on a few simple points, rest assured their laborers are not going to be up to the task either.

So many people complain about the remodeling industry’s nationwide reputation. And while we cannot speak as to why so many remodeling contractors are sketchy businessmen at best, and some are outright con artists,  we can help steer you in a direction that will help you to avoid these companies!

  1. If a contractor doesn’t return your call in 24 hours, DON”T HIRE THEM!

  2. If they cannot show you a PA Contracting License and proof of insurance on the spot...DON”T HIRE THEM!

  3. If a contractor cannot supply you with a verifiable abundance of references you can personally contact, DON”T HIRE THEM!

  4. If they are the cheapest quote, ask yourself why. Are they uninsured, unlicensed, or unqualified? Home remodeling is not a bargain business. Very often you get what you pay for. Remember you are not only paying for a product, but the Professional Installation of that product.

  5. If they don’t have an online presence with real testimonials from real customers DON”T HIRE THEM...after all its 2020 and every reputable company is online.

  6. Look at their on-line ratings. Are they A+, 5 *  , or  3’s and 4’s? Compare these ratings to the references you can contact on your own. If they don’t match up, DON”T HIRE THEM!

Always start with step 1. If you call a remodeling company and they return your call and continue to communicate with you on demand, move down this list. In the end you will be led to a reputable company you can place your trust in, with laborers who are skilled and ready to do the work you have requested. 

Loebrich Contracting is proud to be the #2 Remodeling Company in the state of PA based on Top Rated Local® review of our online referrals from real customers. We are here to provide you with great communication right from the start and the skilled professional workmanship our laborers provide. Look at the customer report cards here on our web site and then give us a call because Dan will return that call!