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Roofing and Siding


 Siding your home is an important decision. Loebrich Contracting is a preferred factory authorized installer in Johnstown and Westmoreland PA. Choosing between vinyl, steel, specialty siding; soffit, trim and decorative accents can be a daunting task.  The siding experts at Loebrich contracting can help you through this process.  Our design experts can help you choose the Mastic product which is the most cost effective, durable, weather resistant, energy efficient, and low maintenance for your home.  Mastic is a premium siding available in a wide array of color choices, types, and styles complete with complimentary soffit, trim, and accents. Every Mastic product is backed by a lifetime limited warranty. Loebrich Contracting provides a 2 year labor warranty for your siding installation which is why we are the premier siding installers in the Johnstown and Westmoreland areas.

Remodeling your exterior is easy and convenient with Loebrich Contracting. We carry a variable line of quality siding products. Our salesman will be more than happy to show you samples of each product and explain the differences in design and price. With more than one product line available you have the ability to choose a specific style that fits your personal exterior remodeling vision.




 Roofing- IKO's Shingles are created using the industries most advanced technology and selected by customers who demand the best in terms of quality, durability , and value. IKO manufacturers many forms of asphalt shingles at its facilities in North America and Europe. Its premium architectural shake and slate shingles set the standard in durability and design. With over 50 years of experience IKO’s quality is second to none.


 Roofing-Today, IKO is among the top vertically integrated manufacturers in its industry, and makes every major component that goes into its residential roofing products.  Starting with wet chop glass fiber strands produced in Clarksville, Tennessee, which is used in Danville, Illinois to make the glass mat used by all IKO production plants around the world; and ending with the plastic wrappers extruded and printed in an IKO owned plant in Barrie, Ontario.  In between, IKO oxidizes its own asphalt, crushes its own limestone, and quarries, crushes and colors its own granules and makes its own backsurfacing at a variety of locations across North America. With Loebrich Contracting and IKO products, all of your roofing needs can be met with quality and expertise.  With each roofing installation job we complete Loebrich Contracting will supply you with a 2 year labor warranty. You can rest assured that Loebrich Contracting backs the work of its roofing installers.


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